Frequently Asked Questions

VERY IMPORTANT: Please notify us before starting your development work, so that we may switch the template over to a custom template in the system.

This package is intended to make the process of sending assets to us more efficient. Because we do not troubleshoot any code or review any of its contents, we need a consistent method to implement client assets. The only folders that are to be sent back to us in this package are: custom-HTML / additional footer, head, hi-res images, navigation/header code. The rest of the folders are for your reference. Please see the page templates for guidance on where the code is placed by us.
HTML and CSS skills are required in order to develop within our system. In most cases you would also need to know JavaScript or Jquery.
No, we do not grant FTP access to any third-party developers. All files can be uploaded through the Client's “Stored files” except for JavaScript files. In Site Admin it's located under “Site Basics.” If you need to upload JavaScript or hi-res images, you need to send the files to us to upload.
For your convenience, we have provided the different types of DOM structures you will be working with. Please see the “Examples of Page Templates” folder.
No. Because our websites share a master template, we do not grant access to any sections of the master template. All code needs to be added through the Site Admin. In some cases you can send the HTML code (such as navigation code) for us to implement.
No, our Site Admin was engineered for the entry of data by clients on a template site.
Yes, if the blog feature is approved by your broker dealer, you will find the Blogs under "Other Features" in the website admin.
When doing custom work, you might come across an instance when you have to use JavaScript to add an element, or CSS to apply an image as a background, for example. If the element being added has meaning, it needs to be reviewed by compliance. But because the element isn't being applied in a way for compliance to review on its dashboard, there has to be a way for compliance to do so. This table serves as a method to submit these assets for review. It is a template for you to use. DO NOT send back to us to implement. We will not submit these assets for review on your behalf.
We will upload your assets as quickly as we can.  In some cases within a couple of hours of receipt.  This is subject to change depending on our work load.  Please allow up to four (4) business days for your assets to be uploaded by our team.
Our system has two environments: Preview and Live. You will be developing in the Preview environment. When you submit assets to us, we implement them in the Preview environment. After a site has been submitted to compliance and approved, you need to notify us to push the code you sent to us, from the Preview to the Live site.


Things to know:

– If for some reason you still need assistance, we can do so at a bill rate of $75 per half hour. Please contact us for details.

– The Financial Advisor needs to be copied on all correspondence to Broadridge Advisor Solutions.

– Hit “Update Site” only when you have completed development in the Preview environment. This action will submit content added through the Site Admin to compliance for review.