Sample Codes

VERY IMPORTANT: Please notify Broadridge before starting development work so that we may switch the website template over to a custom template in our system.

We have sample code that you can download, view and use.

Third-Party Package Vanilla Template

Download Zip file


  • External CSS
  • External JS
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Examples of Page Templates

HTML Files

  • Compliance-Approval-MUST_READ.html
  • Custom(HTML).html
  • Custom Navigation.html
  • JavaScript.html
  • HeaderCode.html
  • FooterCode.html
  • HomepageCode.html

Custom Form with Basic Bot Detection Sample Code & Instructions

Sample source code and instructions are available here


Resource Library

If you wish to utilize our Resources Library, please see the documentation included in this Zip file.available here

This Zip File includes:

  • Custom Resources Document.pdf
  • custom.css
  • custom.js
  • calculators.css